Family and friends think I am their 'on call' Geek Squad rep but what I really do for a living is help my clients get more conversions, leads, and sales to grow their businesses.

Look What I Can Do!

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    Product Dev

    With over 20 of my own digital products (a few physical products too) and millions in online sales, I've been there and done that. If you're considering selling your own product and need help finding the right service providers, need assistance with building out your product delivery mechanisms, or if you're just not sure where to start, I've got the resources and experience to help you launch your own product successfully.

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    Sales Funnels

    This is where the marketing geek inside of me really comes out. Funnels are often the difference between wildly profitable offers and the ones that lose money. So, when you want to achieve the optimal buyer value for your offer(s), your funnel is one of the first places to look. I can analyze your entire funnel and help you maximize your buyer values through value added tweaks to your sales process.

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    I've been writing direct response web copy for over 9 years now and have sold tens of millions of dollars in digital and physical products across a wide variety of verticals. With a fresh voice and a unique perspective I have consistently had a high success rate for my clients, often beating their controls with superb conversion rates. If you need an experienced word slinger to get your offer converting, we should talk.

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    Optimization is what separates the men from the boys, the women from the girls, and the successful marketers from the wannabe's. If you're already running traffic to a finished offer and want to QUICKLY boost your profits, then you should start looking at how you can increase conversions. With a scientific split testing formula and the proper tools I can maximize your conversions and profits for you right now.

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    Traffic Srategies

    If you're an 'F5 freak' like me, then you're probably refreshing your traffic stats all day long. Whether you need assistance with affiliate introductions for JV traffic, lead generation for email traffic, or paid media like Facebook traffic, I have generated tens of millions of clicks across multiple channels and can help you develop a proper traffic strategy to drive cost effective targeted clicks to your offer(s) today.

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